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Bells Meditation


Since ancient times the sounds of the bells calm down the mind and use for a meditation. Bells helps purify thoughts, find peace of mind and harmony. This application is designed specifically for those who are seeking spiritual growth and self-improvement. Simply select the bell which will follow you during meditation, and experience your own inner journey. When you hear a bell, start to do a deep inhale, the second impact - fully exhale. Continue this for 30 - 40 minutes. Try to make your breath are the most profound. Perhaps you will dive into the events of the past or experience certain emotions and feelings. Either you'll see a light or get something unusual. Try not to pay attention to what your can get, just follow your feelings and breath. This app will help you shift your meditation to a new level of depth.- This is the best program for meditation.- Live sounds of bells.- Easy operation.- Dive into deep meditation.- Purify your mind.- Calm down your thoughts.- Therefore,you gain a harmony.